Carp Fishing Holidays in France with Accommodation.

A stunning 4 acre lake with accommodation for 4 people and carp to 50lb in South-Western France.

Petite Retreat is a family run carp fishing lake situated in the beautiful region of Limousin in the South-West of France. Petite Retreat is home to a stunning 4-acre carp lake and breathtaking surroundings, suitable for the whole family.  The lake is home to carp to 50lb and the lake is suited to anglers of all abilities.

There is also accommodation available on site that includes a kitchen, sitting room, toilet and shower facilities, offering a sleeping arrangements for 4 people.

Food Package

Food can be provided throughout your stay at £140.00 per person per week. You will receive breakfast and evening meals including desert. Both of these can be delivered to your swim ensuring you don’t miss bite time. Alternatively these can be eaten at the dining table.

All meals are cooked daily from fresh ingredients so we ask if any one has dietary requirements/allergies please let us know at the time of booking. Breakfast is a hearty fresh French ‘pain’ with either English bacon or sausages and eggs served with cold orange juice, tea or coffee. Continental breakfast options are also available to those preferring a French breakfast.

For dinner, we offer home cooked meals including desert and served with a choice of a cold beer, wine or a cold drink such as Coca Cola, Fanta or Sprite. 

Tackle Hire & Bait

Tackle hire is from £140 per person per week. A bivvy, bed chair, chair, 3 rods, unhooking mat, weigh sling, landing net is supplied. 

A full range of bait products including boilies, liquids and hookbaits is available on site.

Bait Boat from €100 per week.


Map & Directions


  • 3 Rod limit per angler
  • No unattended rods to be left in the water
  • All unhooking mats, nets and slings to be provided by the fishery
  • All fishes to be lifted from the water with the net inside the sling (please limit the time which the fish is out of the water)
  • Micro barbed hooks only
  • All lead arrangements must not be fixed (Drop off inlines, drop off heli set ups and lead clips are acceptable, as well as free running leads)
  • No braided mainline, except on marker rods and spod rods
  • No fires
  • Any particles must be prepared correctly before use and checked by staff
  • All swims to be free of litter
  • No excessive drinking whilst fishing, drugs are not tolerated
  • Departure time no later than 10am. Arrival time after 2pm

Booking & Prices

Bookings are from Saturday to Saturday.

Prices are from £600 per week lake exclusive.

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