Carp Fishing Holidays

Lac du Coron

Carp Fishing Holidays in France.

Lac du Coron is a spring fed 4.5 acre carp lake nestled in the beautiful countryside of the Loire Valley in France.

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Carp For Sale

NG Fisheries

Gary Bayes is renowned for his bait making and fishery management expertise.

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Carp fishing holidays, reviews, news and more are available in our monthly online carp fishing magazine. At Carp Social we aim to give our honest, humble and unbiased opinion to our readers, whilst critiquing all aspects of carp fishing including carp fishing holidays, carp fishing tackle and carp fishing bait. Within these pages you will find everything carp fishing related such as carp fishing bait, carp fishing tips, carp fishing rigs, carp fishing lakes, carp fishing rods, carp fishing reels and carp fishing holidays.

Catch Reports

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch a carp using Bait-Tech, CC Moore, DT Baits, Dynamite Baits, Eclipse Baits, Essential Baits, Hinders, Mainline, Nashbait, Nutrabaits, Sticky Baits or Urban Bait then remember to upload your catch report to our Catch Reports page.

Carp Fishing Holidays

Carp fishing holidays in France and across Europe have been popular for a while. Ever since the early 90’s pioneer anglers such as Kevin Ellis and Steve Briggs have been travelling to the big French waters in search of even bigger carp. In those days carp fishing was in its infancy and carp fishing holidays abroad were endured only by a handful of anglers. Fast forward 20 odd years and it’s fair to say the majority of carp anglers experienced a carp fishing holiday abroad.

Regardless of if you’re planning your first carp fishing holiday or if you’re a regular across the channel, we’ve got a selection of carp fishing holidays for you to choose from. From drive and survive carp fishing holiday in France to carp fishing holidays in France with accommodation or maybe a lake exclusive booking. There really is something for everyone!

Carp Fishing Tackle Companies

We review fishing tackle brands such as Aqua, Atomic Tackle, Avid Carp, Berkley, Browning, Century, Chub, Cotswold Aquarius, Cygnet, Daiwa, Deeper, Delkim, Diem, Drennan, Enterprise Tackle, ESP, Fortis Eyewear, Fox, Free Spirit, Greys, Guru, Hardy, Harrison, JAG, JRC, Kodex, Korda, Korum, Kryston, LED Lenser, Leeda, Mitchell, Mustad, Nash Tackle, Navitas, Reuben Heaton, Ridge Monkey, Rod Hutchinson, Shakespeare, Shimano, Solar Tackle, Sonik, Spomb, Taska, TF Gear, Thinking Anglers, Trakker, Vass, Wofte and Wychwood.

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