What time of year do carp spawn in France?

Guessing the time of year carp spawn in France can be tricky. The following is our best guess and not a guarantee of carp spawning times. In France carp spawning usually takes place towards the end of May or early June when water temperatures reaches above 18 degrees Celsius. When booking a carp fishing holiday you should consider the carp can spawn at multiple times throughout the year, often with juvenile carp spawning weeks before the larger carp.

Can we charge our phones, cameras & batteries etc.?

In most cases the answer is yes. We advise you check with the venue but most the venues have mains power to charge mobile phones, cameras, bait boat batteries etc. You may need to bring a continental adapter. 

Is there fresh drinking water on site?

Not all the venues have drinking water on site, however low cost bottled water can be purchased from local supermarkets or purchased from the venue. Again, we recommend you check before you arrive at the venue.

Do we pay in Pounds or Euro?

All prices on our website are in GBP pounds sterling. In some cases the remaining balance for your holiday, food package, bait or tackle hire may need to be paid in euros to the venue. If unsure, please check with the venue before arriving.

Do I need a fishing licence to fish in France?

You don’t need any fishing licence when you fish a commercial lake or fishery. These waters are private property and the fishing isn’t regulated by the French Fishing Associations.

However you do need a licence when fishing a public water in France.

How do I pay for my carp fishing holiday?

You can pay a deposit (non refundable) via BACS. The remaining balance is due 10 weeks prior to your holiday start date. 

Can I take boilies to France and Europe?

Since the UK left the European Union (EU) we believe taking fishing bait, which includes food products such as egg, will no longer be legal to import and could result in a fine and the fishing bait being confiscated by customs. That wouldn’t be a great start to your french fishing holiday.

Because of this we’d advise buying bait once you’re in the EU. Most of the venues provide high quality fishing bait which can be purchased on site or ordered in advance. Failing that, you can collect bait on route to your chosen venue from a number of Carp Social venues located near Calais or contact a bait rolling company in the EU and have the bait rolled for you and delivered to the holiday venue.

How does the draw for swims work?

The draw for swims varies depending on the holiday venue. At some venues pegs are chosen on a subject to availability basis. Typically the draw for swims will take place when all parties first arrive at the lake. The draw is a fair process where the angler must choose which swim he/she wishes to fish from.

What are the travel options? 

From the UK you have a number of options for travelling over to France.

The first option is to travel by ferry. The ferry routs are operated by several companies such as P&O, Brittany Ferries and LD Lines. We can advise you on the best ferry ports available to minimise driving time in France to your chosen venue. Dover – Calais ferry crossings with P&O Ferries are the most frequent and often the cheapest. With a ferry crossing you can also make use of the canteen, nothing better than a cooked English breakfast or fish and chips to kick start your holiday. 

Secondly there is the Channel Tunnel. It is by far the fastest route and hardly ever suffers from delays. You’ll be on the other side in approximately 40 minutes, although it is typically a little more expensive than a ferry crossing.

Lastly you can fly to France or further afield. Clearly this is the quickest way to travel. Airport transfers can be arranged directly with the venue you’ve booked. You’ll also need to arrange bait and tackle hire in advance of your arrival. 

Passport & Documents

A valid passport is required – please don’t leave this until the last minute. If travelling by car or minibus, your insurance, driving license and owners registration documents should also be taken with you.

Do you own the lakes?

We do not own the lakes. We act as Travel Agents, for our clients (you) and the lake owners. We chose the carp fishing venues in France and Europe very carefully. Many of the carp lakes on Carp Social we’ve fished ourselves and and we constantly monitor their performance of the venues, both in terms of fishing, facilities and professionalism. We want you to have the best possible carp fishing holiday experience when they choose to book with Carp Social. 

Do I need Travel Insurance when fishing in France?

It really does make sense to take out travel insurance and it doesn’t cost that much at typically under £20 for 10 days cover. 

Aren’t the lakes in France and Europe closed in winter?

Some lakes in France and Europe close for the winter… but some lakes will take bookings all year round.

Are all your venues suitable for first time trips?

Not necessarily all the venues are suited to inexperienced anglers. If you’re unsure of which venue to book then feel free to get in touch. With our many years experience fishing in France and further across Europe we are confident we’ll find a carp fishing holiday that’s perfect for you. With over 20 carp fishing holiday venues in France and Europe for you to choose from we’ll do our best to find a carp fishing holiday in France to suit your needs.

Are the fish weights exact?

Fish weights can vary depending on the time of year, food available and many other factors. For example, post spawning carp will typically weigh less than pre-spawning carp. Therefore the fish weights published should be treated as an estimation and not as an exact weight.