You want to be sure when booking a carp fishing holiday or running a fishery that you’re using a booking agent you can trust. We’re pleased to say we have a number of customers and lake owners that are more than happy to sing our praises. Feel free to take a look at some of the testimonials below.


“After struggling to find a decent carp only lake in mid France I got in touch with Carp Social. They managed to get us booked on Lac Charmant for October 2023.

We had a fantastic week!

Lac Charmant is a great lake with all the amenities needed and a lovely ballif. We ended the week with 24 carp including 4x 50s, 13x 40s (4 of which were 49lb), 6x 30s and the iceing on the cake, Mr Bubbles at 76lb 2oz! We are some very happy carp anglers and I’m sure it’s a place well be back to in the future.

Cheers to Carp Social from the Northern Monkeys.”

– Nigel

“Thanks for all your help and advice. I enjoyed fishing Leon Lake. It was a challenging water to fish and I managed to catch 3 carp. A 33lb mirror, 39lb mirror and a 51lb Common, a PB for me!”

– Glyn

“We had a lovely time at Lac Claudette and the bailiff is a nice guy. We had 23 fish between the two of us and lost 9. My best fish was a 53lb mirror and the Mrs trapped a beaut 41lb 6oz common.

– Nick

“Just got back from Chalet De L’ile. What can I say about this lake and its owner? Only that the lake is stunning in its lovely surrounding’s and the owner is totally amazing and helpful to the tenth degree. 

The fishing last week was hard due to the hot weather but the bailiff was brilliant at locating spots for us to fish to. Listen to the guy as he knows his stuff and will put you on fish. Also don’t over complicate thing’s as simple tactics will catch you fish.

This lake is up and coming and by no means easy but hard work and effort will reward you. Use the lakes bait as the fish seem to love it.

This is a proper survive and drive with just the basics but us fishermen have all the mod cons to make life a little easier on the bank.

All in all we had a fantastic week and everything you need for provisions is only a few miles away. We will definitely go back to this lake in the future.”

– John

“I’d just like to say thanks to Carp Social for arranging an excellent holiday. We will definitely be booking through them again. Thanks!

– Dan & Matt

“We booked a carp fishing holiday directly with a lake owner but on arrival it became obvious the size of the lake was not as advertised and the venue was not suitable for the number of anglers in our group. After a few phone calls to Carp Social we managed to book another lake 1.5 hours drive away on a lake exclusive basis with carp to 60lb+. A massive shout out to Carp Social for booking us in at such short notice.”

– Roo

“Carp Social went out of their way to sort me a fishing location as I was passing in my motorhome. They found me a swim I could fish from the motorhome and I had a great few days fishing. Perfect communication and checked in to make sure all was ok. Many thanks. Recommend their services.”

– Gary

“Had a great time and caught some amazing fish. It was hard going with the weed and heat but once we located the spots they were happy to feed on we started getting runs. I think the end total was 28 carp to 45lbs and I also bagged two cats at 22lb and 27lb. The fish were stunning and all in great condition. The bailiff was very knowledgeable and helped lots throughout the week pointing out spots and offering advice. We would definitely think about coming back to give it another go.”

– Lee

“We had a great week at Lac Claudette landing a dozen fish between us. All the carp were over 20lbs with the biggest being 43lb and all were in fantastic condition. The lake owner was very helpful and we learned a lot about distance fishing.”

– Mark

“Me and Len have both had a top weeks fishing at Lac Claudette. The owner was spot on, very helpful and a great guy. The fishing wasn’t easy but we both worked hard and the results came. At the end of the week we’d had 4 PB’s between us and 3 were for myself. I had 8 fish of 21.8, 25.8, 38.10, 26, 45.8, 61, 9.8 and 21 and lost 5 in the snags. Len had 4 fish of 25.6, 22, 38.14 and 31.8. Thanks to Richard for making the trip easy to book and providing information. Great setup. Definitely use again for our carp fishing holidays.”

– Josh

“It was a tough week in April at Lac Charmant. We had 7 fish between our group of 6 up to 57lbs, which wasn’t bad going. Then, whilst packing away on the final morning my rod was away and shortly after a short battle a 60lb mirror hit the back of my net! That’s a PB for me, i’m over the moon and I was on cloud 9 the whole way home. Thanks to the guys at Carp Social for arranging the trip. An excellent service and i’d happily recommend them to anyone.”

– Andre

“The weather was too hot for the fish at Lac Charmant, temperatures hit 36oc but that said I still had a 31lber, 49lb and 42lb carp so was well happy with the result. Great lake, lovely people and i’m looking forward to coming back in April.”

– Wayne

“We both thoroughly enjoyed the week at Etang Des Petits Chien. The hosts were great, helpful and full of advice. The location and lake was fantastic, full of wildlife including kingfishers, woodpeckers, plus the friendliest ducks, moorhens and cats I have ever met! The weather was hot and sunny. The carp just ‘turned off’. We had only one decent run all week. Our only catch was a small perch I somehow tempted on some sweetcorn when I reeled one the lines in. Apart from that it was very relaxing and enjoyable, if a little frustrating. C’est la vie.”

– Steve

“We had a excellent week at Chalet De L’ile on our Lake Exclusive booking. It took the lads a while to get used to the style of angling but after a couple of days we’d got to grips with it and went on to land 20 carp between us. Gravel spots in the margins were the real hot spots and did most of the bites. All fish landed were in pristine condition. Oh, and the bailiff was superb!”

– Shawn

“We had a great week on Leon Lake, 7 of us with the lake to ourselves. Even with the 40oc heat we managed to get 3 PB carp out the lake that were over 40lb. Plenty of silver fish and catfish to have a go at too. Would definitely recommend to others in slightly cooler weather. Well worth the trip but would recommend using a boat to fish with.”

– Kayne

We booked Euro Aqua with Carp Social for June 2022 in Peg 1. We knew it was potentially the trip of a lifetime but after landing 40 carp to 79lb between the pair of us it far exceeded our expectations. The lake, facilities and our hosts were amazing from start to finish, we’ve booked to go again next year.”

– Richard & Billy

“We booked Leon Lake in April 2022 with Carp Social. Stunning lake, friendly owner and good facilities. Would recommend.”

– Luke

“I fished Leon Lake in April with a friend. It was a spare of the minute booking and Carp Social really helped us out. I lost a carp on the last night but it’s an awesome lake and we hope to be back again soon.”

– James

“Been a great trip with using this great company. All needs accommodated for and couldn’t do enough for us. Would definitely 100% recommend to anyone.”

– Martin

“It’s a lovely lake and the owner and his wife are very friendly. We’ve now re-booked for August with Carp Social.”

– Wayne

“We quickly found a venue using Carp Social. Very easy to use website, would highly recommend.”

– Ady

“I fished Le Grande Pierre in August 2019 landing 9 fish with 5 over 40lb. Big thanks to Carp Social for arranging the booking and to Daniel for the incredible food package.”

– Alan


“The first thing I asked our new client was their experience with Carp Social. I’m pleased to say that it was all positive, one thing that I was especially pleased about was the fact Carp Social were able to impress on the client the fact we don’t allow just anyone to come to Les Croix and that we prefer experienced anglers but also polite respectful people.”

– Les Croix

“We’ve been working with Carp Social booking agency since 2019 and are extremely happy with their services, professionalism and the customers they’ve provided us with. Would highly recommend.”

– Etang Des Petits Chien

We have been with Carp Social since 2019 when we started the fishery. They’ve been a great help to us, continually booking customers and filling up our diary. It’s just one less thing for us to worry about.”

– Lake Ruby

“We use Carp Social to fill the remaining weeks in our diary. As an established big carp fishery most lake exclusives are repeat bookings but they do a good job at filling the remaining weeks. I am happy with their service and have already recommended them to other fishery owners in the area.”

– Lac Charmant