Carp Fishing Socials in France.

Lac de Lumiere is a natural limestone spring-fed lake of around 5 acres and is set in the peaceful French countryside of France’s famous wine region of the Loire Valley.

Facilities & Information

The lake has several swims and areas to fish to with depths averaging from 2 meters to 6 meters and spacious double swims which are made for the anglers’ needs and comfort and can easily accommodate 3 to 4 anglers on their carp fishing ‘social’ holiday. The carp lake has a stock of around 200 fish up to 60lb in weight, consisting of Common, Mirror and grass carp. Lac de Lumiere offers the feel of seclusion and privacy for 3 to 4 anglers who are looking for a different venue with a quiet pace of life and who enjoy a “carp fishing social” with the chance to catch some stunning French carp.


There is a lakeside cabin which consists of a kitchen area with a gas oven/hob, fridge/freezer, all cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery, BBQ, table and 4 chairs. It also has UK sockets along with USB charging points for mobile phones, bait boats and other small electrical items. In addition, there is an outdoor seating area that overlooks the fishery lake.

The main lodge is approximately 5 minutes away from the lake and can sleep 4 people and has a fully functioning kitchen, dining area, shower and toilet. The Lac de Lumiere Lodge overlooks the fishing lake and is a few minutes away from the lakeside. A peaceful and perfect location away from the rest of the world, the lodge has everything you’ll need for your carp angling holiday in France , including: Two-twin bedrooms; gas hob and electric oven; fridge and freezer; toilet; shower; crockery, cooking pots and pans; kettle and filter coffee machine; dining table; electrical points with UK adaptors available; external BBQ; and fresh water.

Food Package

A food package is NOT available.

Tackle & Bait

Lac de Lumiere provide the following tackle items:

  • 42″, 46” & 50″ Landing nets and handles
  • Floatation/weigh slings
  • Nash European Cradles
  • Fox XL floating unhooking mats
  • Scales and Tripods
  • Boat, oars and life jacket

Tackle hire is available for the following:

  • Double bivvy hire from 50€ per week.
  • Electrical Outboard motor and battery from 50€ per week.

Additional tackle and hire prices available on request.

Bait such as boilies, hookbaits and particle is available to purchase on site if ordered in advance.


Monster Tiger Nut – A classic nut boilie that has stood the test of time. A truly addictive bait that is pure confidence in a bag all year round. Available in: 15mm,18mm and 20mm. From 11€/1kg or from 45€/5kg.

The Crave – A comprehensive year-round food source with instant attraction – The Crave offers unrivalled nutrition, palatability, and digestibility thanks in part also to the winterised salmon oil and the finest liquid liver. Available in: 15mm, 18mm & 20mm. From 11€/1kg.

Carptec Krill & Crayfish – Perfect for high feed situations and/or newcomers to carp fishing – These boast some impressive results both in the UK and abroad. Available in: 15mm & 20mm. From 7€/1kg.


Monster Tiger Nut Hard Hookers – Same ingredients and the same leakage but in a hardened, slower breakdown version. Perfect for when you need a hook bait to do its job over a long period of time or to fight off nuisance species. Available in: 14/15mm & 20mm. From 6.50€/per tub.

Monster Tiger Nut Pop-Ups – Designed to perfectly compliment our boilie range Super buoyant and resilient hook baits. All pop-ups come with a concentrated liquid booster. Available in: 12mm & and 15mm. From 6.50€/per tub.

Monster Tiger Nut Wafters – A 15mm dumbbell made using the same original, fish-loving, and unique Monster Tiger key ingredients. Same colour and flavour as Monster Tiger boilies to match your loose feed. Slow breakdown of water-soluble attractant. Available in: 15mm From 5.00€/per tub.

Hit n Run Pop-ups – They come in four colours – Pink, White, Yellow and Red. Each colour is designed to suit various lake conditions from clay and silt to gravel and weed. The colour wheel is designed to help you select the right colour pop-up according to the lakebed where you are fishing. Each pot is labelled with the ideal conditions for its use and has its own highly attractive, unique flavour containing essential oils. Available in: 15mm From 5.00€/per tub.


All particles are prepared to order – so please let us know in advance of your arrival to guarantee it’s ready for you.

Maize – French maize that has come from the surrounding areas is regularly put in the lake and can be used as bait or a carpet bait to fish over. From 20€/10kg.

Maple Peas – Maples are brown in colour, the size of a pea and can be used along with hemp and other particle baits as a great pulse bait. From 20€/10kg.

Prepared Hemp – Hemp is natural in oil, fish simply love this! From 25€/10kg.

Triple Mix – A combination of maize, maple peas and hemp combined to make a mix of three particle baits. From 25€/10kg.

Map & Directions

Lac Du Lumiere is set in the peaceful French countryside of France’s famous wine region of the Loire Valley. It is approximately 5 hour 25 minutes drive from St Malo, 4 hours 40 minutes drive from Caen and 5 hours 35 minutes drive from Calais.

Directions to be provided at conformation of booking.


We want all anglers and visitors to respect the lake and the surrounding areas. The following rules apply at Lac de Lumiere to save any embarrassment or potential misunderstanding.

You can arrive at any time however you will not be allowed on the lake until 1 pm. You must vacate the lake area at 10 am on the day of your departure. Should there be no one on the lake at the time of your arrival you will be allowed on earlier.

  1. Maximum of 3 rods only at any one time and must not be left unattended if lines are out.
  2. Groups of up to 3 anglers can have 3 rods each. Groups of 4 anglers can have 2 rods each
  3. No braided mainline, or lead core allowed. (Braid can be used on spod and marker rods only)
  4. Rig tubing or safe zone leaders (ie., Korda) must be used at all times. The “TWIG” is not allowed.
  5. Minimum mainline 15lb.
  6. Maximum hook link 20lb.
  7. No bent or long shank hooks.
  8. Micro Barbed hooks only.
  9. No fixed leads are allowed, only rigs utilising a proper lead discharge system to be used.
  10. Rig checks are mandatory and can happen at any time.
  11. When fishing in the stalking swims 2 Rods only to be used.
  12. Recovery sling and landing net must be at hand at all times.
  13. Fish may be retained in a landing net or sling for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  14. Unhooking cradles (provided by us) must be used when preparing fish for weighing and photographing.
  15. Please ensure antiseptic clinic /medi gel is used on ALL hook holds and other injuries.
  16. No sacking of the fish whatsoever. Anglers may keep the fish in the provided recovery sling in the water for a short period of time when assistance is required.
  17. If you’re caught with a sack you will be asked to leave with no refunds.
  18. Please treat the fish with respect. Keep handling time to a minimum when weighing and taking photographs of your fish. Please return your fish as soon as possible.
  19. Please ensure that all fish photographed are done so kneeling over the provided cradle and in no circumstances hold the fish standing up.
  20. Where possible a photograph of both sides of the fish to be provided to the owners so that growth and welfare records can be kept.
  21. Bait Boats are permitted but please respect neighbouring anglers.
  22. No nut baits allowed. Boilies containing Nut ingredients are OK.
  23. When using the Rowing boats, you are asked to wear the life jackets provided.
  24. Absolutely NO LITTER, this includes cigarette butts. Please use the ashtrays and bins provided.
  25. Please use the toilets provided on-site. Defecating around the lake will not be tolerated, please don’t pee in your swims.
  26. No Fires. BBQs are allowed but must be used in the ‘social’ area’
  27. Should you get snagged in trees or underwater please do not ‘pull’ for a break. Use the boats provided and go to the area where the fish is snagged and attempt to get the fish out.
  28. Dogs are allowed on the Lake but please ensure you clean up after them.
  29. You are on holiday and by all means, have a drink and enjoy yourselves but please note if incapable to fish through drunkenness you will be asked to ‘sleep it off’ without lines in the water. This is for your safety as well as for the fish.

Rules may be subject to change. Please check you fully understand the rules prior to fishing.

Booking & Prices

Bookings are from Saturday (1pm) until the following Saturday (10am).

Pets are welcome.

From £300 per person per week.

From £125 per week for non-fishing guest.

From £1200 per week lake exclusive.

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