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As the year comes to a close we take a look back at Andrew Buonaiuto’s diary. We join him back on Bayeswater during the warm summer months. 

“After my last diary piece it wasn’t long until I was back out on the banks of Bayeswater Syndicate in Essex.

Unfortunately for me the carp had different things on their minds and had started spawning which meant it was the start of the annual two week lake shutdown. Post spawning was a time I was really looking forward to as the banks are generally a lot quieter and the weed is up.

I couldn’t just walk away for two weeks though. The next two Fridays I spent most of my time at the lake with a marker float, aquascope, H block marker, prodding stick and two big buckets of bait. I was happily floating about, priming spots, carp watching and generally getting ready for the next few months.

Carp Fishing EssexGary Bayes, the fishery manager, allows this time for feature finding, baiting and boat work. In fact anything goes really just as long as you haven’t got baited rigs out. To be honest this isn’t the norm on most syndicates but then this place isn’t the norm anyway! It works here and looking back it was a time I really enjoyed on the lake. As the saying goes, “just being there is enough” and there’s certianly something rather special about drifting round in a boat on a lovely bright summers morning, clear water and no one in sight other than some rather special carp.

The first few weeks after the lake reopened were quiet for me. I only managed one bite from a fish know as ‘The Sheriff’ at 34lb 8oz from an area I’d been trickling bait into from time to time.

Carp Fishing
This wasn’t caught from the main swim I wanted to concentrate on though.  The area I wanted to focus my efforts around had, by now, seen a lot of bait not just from me but from a small group of anglers and the fish just seemed to hold up in this area. Even when the conditions elsewhere looked prime there was always a chance of a bite in this zone!
Mirror Carp
July wasn’t the best form from me as I only managed a few stockies during my visits. A few other commitments meant I didn’t do lots of angling during July but I knew when August and September rolled round I’d really be able to get something going.
I had more bites than I ever could’ve imagined during my first year on the syndicate. I even caught four fish in a weekend! Considering it was my first proper season on the lake and the number of fish I had landed, I couldn’t be happier!
Baby Coconut Common
I’d broken my PB no less than three times during this season but never managing to break that magical 40lb barrier. I came close but it wasn’t meant to be this year. But hey ho, that’s fishing and there’s always next season.
I’d had bites consistently every week for nine to ten weeks but only managed another stockie during October so I took this as a sign it was time to jump onto my other syndicate waters and the odd day ticket for a quick winter bite.
Looking back at the summer, it really turned out to be a season I won’t forget in my angling. A small group of mates sharing the buzz with beer and bbq filled summer evenings and a few lovely old carp along the way. PB’s broken for some of us and all shared with a group of blokes that I can now call my mates. Lovely times indeed.
Below is a selection of some of the awesome carp I managed to catch along the way. I can’t wait to get back at it in February. Roll on the New Year!! And on that note I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
See you again in Spring for another diary piece and hopefully a few carp along the way.”
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