Zig Fishing in Spring

Carp Fishing in Spring.

Spring is an exceptional time of year for getting out and angling, not only is mother nature waking up but most importantly, our quarry is too!

Now we all know how deadly a Zig in the upper layers can be and I’m not sure why I never use them, but they just aren’t for me! I hold zero confidence in Zigs to be honest and I’m a tad lazy I guess, but who knows, maybe one day I will give in and use them more. For me, I seek to find carp in the edges during spring. Having come out of  a bleak cold winter, chucking singles around or minimal amounts of bait, it’s nice to finally start seeing the carp again!

In spring I like to start introducing some bait, mainly in the way of “pre baiting” and just fishing over small amounts while I’m angling. I also like to heavily glug my boilies in a liquid liver or something with high amino levels, depends on the lake, as this sends out stimulating signals to the carp and in turn makes them want to feed.

A particular memory from last spring was on a local club lake. Tadpoles were around the margins in numbers and fishing a foot off the bank turned out to be very prolific for me but for some strange reason only for that day! What changed I don’t know but a week or so later the bream were seen spawning and the carp were loving it!! So whether the silvers spawned as well and natural food was in abundance I’m not sure.

Jack with a Spring Common Carp

Ultimately you just have to get out and enjoy what you’re doing whether that be a Zig just under the surface or a bait slammed on the deck.

Be Lucky,



Carp Fishing in Spring

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