Carp Fishing Holidays

As carp fishing holidays go, this was certianly one to remember for Nathan Donovan. 

Fishing Korda’s Gigantica Main Lake in January, Nathan knew bites would be few and far between. After arriving at the lake on Sunday, followed by a walk round, it was time for the swim draw, a nerve wracking time during any anglers holiday.  

Nathan drew in last place, disaster! However, as luck would have it, one of the top three swims was still available so he decided to drop in there. He baited a spot at 27 wraps using hemp, maize and Mainline Baits Fyber boilies. The boilies were whole, halves and crumb to keep the carp grubbing about in the swim for longer periods of time.  

Mainline Baits

On the Monday his alarm came to life, first one beep, then another and then the reel peeled line! As with every carp battle, you’re never sure what could be on the end of the line, even more so at a venue like Gigantica. Could it be a stockie or would it be one of the BIG girls?

The give away was when Nathan’s mate slipped the net underneath the fish with a cry of, “I don’t know if it’s going to fit!” It did fit and was a fish known as ‘The Giggler’, last out in 2017 by Ali Hamidi at 61lb but, by the look of it, the fish had stacked on the weight since then.

As the scales went round Danny Fairbrass, who was fishing the lake at the time, couldn’t believe it as Andy the bailiff announced 84.8lb! This fish hadn’t been caught in two years and came in 23lb heavier. Giggler succumbed to a 15mm high vis pink Tutti Fruit Pop Up on a Multi-Rig. The fish of a lifetime!

Carp Fishing in France

The action didn’t stop there though. Nathan went on to have a common of 25lb which kept him on his toes.

 The other anglers were catching as well with this “last call’ 46lb common carp slipping up on the final night.