We caught up with Chris Shepherd who’s been rumbling through the stock in Royal Park. 

“On getting a ticket to the Royal Park I was full of optimism and confidence. This quickly dwindled and, I’m not going to lie, I blanked for a whole eight weeks!

Watching the other anglers catching was starting to do my head in so I put together a new baiting strategy to hopefully give me the upper hand.

I concocted a Nashbait Scopex Squid mix consisting of 15mm and 18mm boilies, flake, cultured stick mix, bait soak and to top it all off, I added the Scopex Squid syrup!

I also added a little ‘secret something’ which definitely got the spot clean and rocking. However I’m keeping that one to myself. I’ve got to keep a few tricks up my sleeve haven’t I?..

So, with limited time due to family life and work I have been fishing lunch times and a few cheeky hours after work. The carp gods have been amazingly obliging.

Royal Park Common Carp

Royal Park Carp Fishing

Royal Park Carp Syndicate

My rig of choice is the mighty Slip D made up using Nash Tackle Floater Claw or a Twister Longshank patterns from the Pinpoint hook range.

The hook link that suits this rig best, I find, is the Skinlink with a 21mm bait screw fished snowman style with a 18mm Cultured bottom bait topped with a 12mm yellow or pink pop up.

Royal Park Mirror Carp

Now I know I go on and on about the bait and rig so much, but it really does do what they’re designed to do, catch carp!

I don’t think I’ll ever change, as confidence is mind blowing stuff.”

 Tight lines,