Chigborough Fisheries, a popular day ticket complex in Essex, has a new lake record Catfish!

The beast was caught by Craig Wayman and weighed a whopping 136lb, yes you read that right, 136lb!

Craig, assisted by his friend Jason Downs managed to land the massive moggie after an epic battle which raged for nearly an hour. 

Jason said, “I jumped in with my waders on to net it, but when it surfaced I thought, that’s not going in the net! Somehow I managed to roll the fish up and slip the net underneath it but when I tried to lift it I realised the weight of the thing!”

It took both Craig and Jason to lift the fish out safely onto two Trakker unhooking mats. The 2ft Zig Rig with a Nash Tackle Zig Bug was clearly too tempting to pass up for this day ticket monster.

Chigboro Fisheries

Chigboro Fisheries