Can I go to France fishing and what are the COVID travel restrictions?

My first carp fishing holiday to China Lakes in France did not disappoint!

The first few couple of days turned out to be pretty slow. Like all good carp fishermen, I blamed the weather! However in all seriousness the conditions were making it hard and the few fish that had been caught were coming from depths of 18ft and 24ft.

The swim I had chosen was shallow with depths ranging from 3ft to 6ft so I decided on Monday morning to move swims.

After setting up and leading around in the new swim I found a clear spot with a depth of about 14ft. I introduced approximatley a kilo of Nashbait Scopex Squid boilies, which were scattered around the spot.

After analysing the catch reports book I also decided a change of tactics was in order. This was because all the fish were coming out on bottom baits. I switched from my ronnie rig popup presentation to a blow back rig which allowed me to mount a bottom bait on the hair. 

I went on to catch 11 fish in total!

31.10lb mirror, 21lb mirror, 28.10 mirror, 37lb 2oz mirror, 27lb mirror, 28lb 5oz mirror, 33lb 4oz mirror, 32lb mirror, 22lb 2oz mirror, 28lb 10oz mirror, 32lb 3oz mirror.


These all fell to a blow back rig on a size 6 Nash Fang Twister and 20lb Combi Link. The hookbait was a snowman style 18mm Scopex Squid cultured bottom bait topped with a white 15mm Scopex Squid pop up with 18mm and 15mm Scopex Squid boilies scattered over each spot.

…I also witnessed my Dad catch a 47lb mirror, that was pretty special!