Carp Fishing Essex

Since joining Bayeswater Syndicate at the start of October I’ve been putting in some serious time and effort at every available opportunity.

Weekends, overnighters, holidays of work etc… but to no avail!

I was starting to feel a little defeated if I’m honest but I kept at it and finally, on my weekend session just gone, I was rewarded in the shape of a new PB!

Bayeswater Syndicate Mirror Carp

She swung the needle round to 35lb 8oz. Not a massive gain in personal best however it suits me just fine! 

The stock in Bayeswater carp syndicate is nothing more than incredible and with so many great fish to go for, not just in size but in looks as well, hopefully I can bag a few more now Spring is underway.

Citruz infused maggots and fake corn fished in conjunction with a small PVA mesh bag of crushed pink Citruz 15mm and maggots was the fish’s down fall.  The rod was out less than 5 mins, which is crazy when you think I’d done 26 nights with only a few tench to show for my efforts.

It goes to show effort really does equal reward and I can’t wait to share my next Bayeswater beauty. I just hope I haven’t got another 26 nights to wait!

Andrew Buonaiuto