Lofts Lake Syndicate

Lofts Lake 

A mature gravel pit set in the countryside of Maldon, Essex.

Approximately 25 acres in size and surrounded by a nature reserve, Lofts Lake is one of the most quiet and peaceful Essex carp syndicates you could ever wish to fish.

The lake is made up of a number of bays, underwater islands and gullies, with depths ranging from 3ft – 14ft. A large island dominates the majority of the lake and is riddled with snags, overhanging trees and other features. With carp nearing the 40lb mark and a lake containing almost every feature imaginable, this Essex carp syndicate gives you a lot to go at!

Memberships are now available for the 2019/2020 season via the Lofts Lake website. Simply complete the online application form if you wish to  become a member

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