Essex Day Ticket Carp

We caught up with @jackstutely who’s been using the DT Baits sprays to his advantage on a well known day ticket in Essex.

“I turned up to Berners Hall Fishery at 5:00 o’clock in the morning for a day session. I didn’t get the rods out until gone 8:00am when I eventually found some fish. However that chance blew fairly quickly so I moved swims.

I saw one fish show at distance so wrapped up 25 wraps, put on 6 foot zigs (as knew they were doing bites) and after a quick boost of attraction from the DT Baits spray I cast to the area.

Being a barbless only venue I opted for Korda Kamakura’s as they’re one of the sharpest around and I used 11lb Korda zig line for my hooklink.

This nice scaly 27lber mirror was the result!”

Essex Day Ticket Carp