Banks of Bayeswater Syndicate

@Andrews Diary – Back on the banks of Bayeswater Syndicate.

“Last weekend saw me back on the banks again. I’ve had a tough few sessions since my first fish from Bayeswater but I wasn’t giving up!

The angling pressure this spring has been pretty immense, feeling like I’m camping most sessions and not getting near the fish. Turning up on Friday morning at first light after my night shift, the fog was mega!

It was making it impossible to see the lake, let alone where the fish were. After a couple of laps of the lake and a good hour or so of walking and listening, I received a call from my mate Phil who’d just had a bite. Round I went to take his pics and whilst standing in his swim it was apparent, with the fog rising, that the fish were in this zone!

Phil was only doing the night and was wrapping up to go about his days work. I needed very little persuasion but after him telling me to “get in there before someone else did!” I did exactly that! By 10 o’clock all the rods were in and time to settle back and get a few hours kip.

Upon waking from my power nap it was apparent the fish were still there. I sat on my hands, knowing the rods went out perfectly. The hours past, and the first night was uneventful but the following morning I received a few bleeps on the middle rod and then it went in to melt down! After a good battle, in the net went a lovely stockie of 24lb 8oz. “Boom back in the game!”

The fish fell to cheeky pair of balanced tigers and a small bag of Scopex Squid crumb and half boilies cast to the plateau.

The next day and night followed quietly with the fish slowly moving off and with the lake full and no chance of getting on them or near them I just sat tight and slowly packed up.

I was happy with the result, any take from Bayeswater in my eyes is a bonus, stockie or not! Now, onto my next session, and with 4 nights at my disposal, it turned out to be a pretty good one at that!”

More to follow…