Flowers at 49lb 14oz
We caught up with Lee Bissett who’s still buzzing about his capture of Myths Pool’s largest resident.

“I set up in the shallows knowing the warmer weather was due and assumed the fish would definitely turn up at some point.
I’d previously leaded around the island so knew the drop off from the corner and where the thicker weed started. I tied up a few PVA solid bags and cast to the spot, feeling that was the best presentation for the circumstances. 
The rig I used was 3 inches of Korda super natural tied line aligner to a size 6 curve hook in a solid bag of 2mm pellets. 
The take wasn’t a screamer, just long hard heavy pulls until I drew her over the net cord. Then I went totally mental when I saw it was flowers! ? ??”
Back she goes...
That's one happy carp angler!