Common from the baited spot

Nash Tackle field tester Chris John Shepherd’s been getting amongst a few on his syndicate lake.

“So, a cheeky 24hr session on my syndicate lake was on the cards. I’d been visiting the lake quite regularly, for weeks in fact, and preparing a spot that I was sure would do a bite!  

Now, the swim was taken the week before and each time I went back to the lake there was someone else in the swim! Not ideal! However, this week it was free, so I quickly hopped into the swim and sat and watched the spot for a while.

It didn’t take long to suss there were fish in the area. When I say the spot was on fire, I mean, bubbles, the water was rocking, and the spot was a cloudy mess!

I set out the Nash R3’s and setup the Scope rods. My left hand rod was baited with a Scopex Squid off-cut topped with a 12mm pink Citrus dumbbell pop-up made specially for me. (Thanks Dan.) Roughly eight freebie 12mm Scopex Squid boilies were dispatched to the spot and I  plopped the slip-D rig in place. The rig was made up of silt coloured Skinlink, a Nash Longshank Twister hook and the new 21mm bait screw.

Before I could get my other Scope rod out, off screamed the left hand rod!!!!  A mad game of tug of war ensued with the fish taking me from the margin to the middle of the lake in seconds. We even had a merry old dance around a sunken tree at one point and after what must have been a 20 minute battle….in the net she went!

Common Carp

My confidence in the Nashbait and the end tackle by Nash, well, it’s just epic stuff! You’re not always going to catch, but when you love your fishing and know what you’re putting in the water works, sometimes you get to hold stunning carp like this!”

Tight lines cj