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We caught up with family man, electritian and entrepreneur Craig Sapsford.

Craig is the visionary behind one of the fastest growing terminal tackle companies in the UK battling against the likes of Korda, Nash and Fox, yet holding his own! Here’s the Rigworx story so far…

”Im a full time Electrician and have been for 15 years now. I have two children, one boy who is ten years old and a little girl who is three years old.

I’ve always loved fishing and have been fishing since I was five, mainly float and ledgering on rivers such as the Ouse and the Thames.

When I was 15 I briefly started carp fishing for about two years. I carried on coarse fishing and in 2015 took up Carp fishing again.

In 2018 I decided to start up Rigworx while carrying on my full time electrical job to have a crack at running a business, as my father and grandfather were both business owners.

I thought, why not start something in a hobby and sport I love! Everyone wants their dream job right?

After two months of deciding on a name and contacting various logo designers Rigworx and its iconic logo was born! A logo and a name both original and something I felt had real character and depth to it.

I set out to supply top quality tackle the same quality if not better than your Kordas and Nash bits but at lower and more fair prices for your average family man and angler like myself, without compromising quality.

Extensive testing and sampling finally got me a few products to sell and from there we have sustainably been adding to our range and boast a very impressive range of tackle with 60+ team members and consultants who all confidently promote our tackle.”

Rigworx offer a range of terminal tackle from hooks, swivels and tungsten rig putty to silicone sleeves, zig aligners and hook kickers.

So if you’re looking to tie a blowback rig or quickly knock up a Ronnie rig, Rigworx have got you covered. 

Rigworx Wide Gape T BP

9 thoughts on “The Rigworx Story

  1. I use these products and they are great prices and the quality is even better! I have full confidence in these products and what brand and team Craig has created is incredible. Keep up the good works lads ??

  2. I’m been using rigworx hooks for a while and I can say I’ve had no problems at all and the prices are so reasonable aswell, always sharp out the packet and strong as anything, the range is just as good as any of the top brands and I think the hooks have landed more fish for me when others couldn’t
    Even on the river for barbel I used wide gape T pattern and after hours of being battered by the current and rocks the hook points were still perfect and sharp ???

  3. A great company; high quality, cheap price and speedy delivery. What else do you want from a tackle company?

  4. Can’t big up Rigworx enough. The tackle is top quality and I have absolute faith in the rigs I use thanks to the Rigworx components. Hooks are razor sharp and they have everything covered that you need.

  5. Great article and a real honest story, craig is a possitive figure and believes in always making sure his customers are happy with every one of there orders and getting it sent out to them as quick as possible. I have been using rigworx carp tackle for around 12 months now, and delighted to say i am part of the team. The tackle is of the highest quality i cannot recomend it enough boasting more than a competetive price tag!

  6. Rigworx plays the biggest part in my armoury now. The hooks are pin point sharp straight out of the packet and have never let me down. All of the other tackle is faultless and at unbeatable prices! I do and will continue recommending these products to all carp anglers

  7. Brilliant tackle and now use exclusively over the others mentioned in the story. Very affordable and super reliable. Craig certainly has done a great job sourcing just the right components and making them so much affordable without any compromises on quality or reliability. Every confidence every time I put a rig out.

  8. Been with the rigworx family for over 12 months nw and I can honestly say i wouldn’t use any other end tackle company again. Big ups to craig and the team ??

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