Day Ticket Fishery Essex

Braving 50mph winds, chasing Chinese takeaway and catching 40lb commons! We caught up with @luisweltonfishing about his recent trip to Berners Hall day ticket lake in Essex. Here’s how he got on…

“After spending some time pursuing a career in the military I finally got to a stage where I needed to get out on the bank once again. Being  that I’d fished for carp from the age of about 7, I figured 4 years was too long a break, so with that, I headed to Berners Hall Fishery where a mate of mine currently works.

I got to the lake around 8:00 am and started to look around for showing fish. Sure enough on my second walk round the 24 acre pit I saw them in the teeth of the strong winds. I went about setting up my gear and getting the rods put together with the naked heli system from Korda onto a heli safe drop off lead system with 3 oz pear bomb.

The rig of choice was a rig similar to a rig I had used in the past with some success but a more updated version. It’s called the Ronnie rig and one that’s being used prolifically around the UK at the moment. I made up an iQ2 boom section and a size 4 Krank hook. With the rigs attached I attached two white pop ups and cast them to a small clear area I’d found, which was no bigger than 6 ft in total!

Ronnie Rig

It proved difficult to get the rods on the spot at first because of the gale force winds but after a few attempts, I was fishing.
The bait I used on the spot was a simple mix of hemp a few tigers, some marine pellet and Sticky Baits Krill. I spombed out 15 spombs to get it started and could see the fish showing over the baited area but no bites were had?
After about 4 hours without success I pulled the rigs in and changed over to a Sticky Baits Krill 16mm wafter to match the baits I was putting out on the spot. I clipped up, cast out and they were back on the spot.
I’d decided that because the fish were clearly feeding, due to the amount of shows, to put in a bigger (2- 3kg) hit of bait around the spot. I sat back watching the water. About an hour went by and as I got up out the bivvy on the phone to the Chinese delivery man my rod ripped off and I was attached to a carp on a mission!
It took me around the lake across my other lines but eventually, after 10 minutes of hard fighting, a huge common surfaced and went into the net.
I hastily but carefully unhooked the fish and retained it in the sling and ran for my Chinese take away. On returned I was greeted with ‘Buster’ at a new weight of 40lbs and a new pb for my self.”
Berners Hall Day Ticket 40lb Common