James Fish

We caught up with @nickyscaddan about his recent capture of, what is easily, one of the most sought after Carp in the UK.

“Having been fishing most weekends since the start of the season I have managed to be fairly consistent and catch a fair few fish. I’d been lucky enough to catch 5 different 30lb plus Carp including one known as the ‘Carving’, with two of them being both the second and third biggest in the lake!

(‘Carving’, ‘Cassius’ and the ‘Box’ pictured below).


I’ve been using a mixture of DNA baits SLK and S7 boilies adding some particle to get them grubbing around and staying in the area for decent periods of time.

James Fish has a tendency to come out a couple of times through September and October and usually not over loads of bait. Having caught my other targets I decided a change of tactics was needed, and for me luckily I knew I would have the lake to myself giving me the best chance to put my plan into action.

I got to the lake on Friday evening after work but set up away from the showing fish, I had been told James usually comes from the middle of the lake at this time of year and I was happy with my choice of swim.

CassiusI cast the baits out, DNA SLK cured bottom baits on a slip D rig size 4 mugga and spread about 50 baits around each rod before settling in for the night. I received a couple of liners throughout the night but started questioning my decision as the fish were showing in numbers in the opposite swim.

I didn’t need to worry though because at 6.50am the line pulled up tight and he was on, strait away I knew it was him. He was heavy and just slowly went anywhere he wanted leaving me shaking. After a 10 minute battle he was tired and ready for the net.

Box Once he was in the net the realisation hit me. I managed to get someone to come over and take the pictures and, to be fair, he’s done a great job! ‘James Fish’ is my first 40 and what a way to do it. He went 47lb 2oz and I’m still buzzing now, I even managed to nick a 31lb 12oz mirror late during the day. Will defiantly be heading back in a couple of months to try for a couple more of the awesome stock in the lake.”

James Fish