Willows Tree Fishery in Brentwood Essex

Since joining Bayeswater Syndicate at the end of September the fishing has been slow and tough. However, I persevered for 20 odd nights but unfortunately landed zero fish and even though this was fully expected, I was beginning to feel a bit beaten up!

Trying to bag the Bayeswater gems during the colder months is no easy task, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the last few weekends I’d had the entire lake to myself, so I knew, with none of the regulars showing up, it had probably shut up shop for the year.

Oh well, there’s always next year and hopefully, many more years after that!

I thought it was about time I wet a line on my other syndicate water at Willow Tree Fishery and try to regain the confidence I’d lost from my earlier Bayeswater battering!

I set off for a pre-Christmas session (the day after my birthday) hoping to catch a late birthday carp or maybe even a Christmas carp…

I managed three bites and landed a total of three fish…happy days!!

A 19lb Common, followed by a 27lb 8oz Common, both within half hour of each other. Finally, a 22lb Common on the last night to finish of the session.

Willow Tree Syndicate
This 19lb drak common got Andrew off the mark.

Willows Tree Fishery in Brentwood Essex
Next was the biggest of the session weighing 27lb 8oz.
Brentwood Carp Syndicate
A chunky 22lb common during the night was a nice way to round off the session.
Nashbait - Citruz Range
Andrew used a combination of Citruz Pop Ups, Citruz Pellet, Citruz White and Citruz Pink Boilies to tempt the carp into feeding.

I’m home now for Christmas and Boxing Day, however, I’m buzzing to get back at it on Thursday for two or three nights!

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!