CAA Braxted Back Lake

A chunky common for @JackStutely during a visit to Chelmsford Angling Association’s Braxted Back Lake in Essex. 

Having finished work early at 2 oclock it was the perfect opportunity to head over to Braxted Back Lake for an evenings angling. Braxted is a days only venue so with limited time and daylight at my disposal I knew it was important to locate the fish quickly.    

As luck would have it the first swim I walked into I saw a fish in the area! Being away from the lake for a few weeks I wasn’t 100% sure on how the lake had been fishing, other than it hadn’t done a bite for 3-4 weeks, so I knew the odds were already stacked against me. 

I got round to the swim, clipped up and quickly cast two Ronnie’s to hard spots just off the back of a dying weed bed. Each presentation consisted of 9inch Korda Kamo Booms in conjunction with Korda Kamakura size 4 Wide Gape hooks and DT Baits Cold Water Green Beast white pop ups mounted on the hair.

Once the mainline was settled and bobbins on, I proceeded to put out 4 Spombs of Cold Water Green Beast dumbbells and chops over each rod and catapult some boilies over the top.

At 7:20pm I received a slow, steady take and this mid 20 common carp was the result.

CAA Braxted Back Lake
This chunky common couldn’t resist the DT Baits Cold Water Green Beast boilies, chops and dumbells.
DT Baits - Cold Water Green Beast
Jack baited with DT Baits Cold Water Green Beast boilies, chops and dumbells, a bait formulated to catch carp even in the coldest conditions!