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The slick baiting accessory for match carping or summer hauling. A tough metal framework with four 3/8? BSF thread corner fittings for storm pole support the Spod Station holds 10 or 17 litre Nash rectangular buckets at exactly the height you need to repeatedly spod at maximum efficiency.

  • Rectangular metal side tray keeps finger stalls pop up pots and rig tools handy
  • Metal retaining loops to hang pre-tied and ready baited rigs
  • Hanging hook for a hand towel or air dry bags
  • Moulded framework for a drop in match style bait box to hold cobweb bags or mixing water
  • Two 3/8? female threads for Butt Locks (not included) to retain rods securely when not in use
  • Double Spod Station carries two buckets and two bait boxes for more aggressive baiting

Note: Storm poles not included

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